Gifted Heart Spirit Dolls

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Welcome to the launch of the brand new website design, I hope you love it as much as I do!


Here you will find a selection of specially crafted, divinely inspired little Spirit Dolls, handmade with loving intention. Each Spirit Doll is imbued with a particular quality to aid in the manifestation or release of certain aspects in your life with more awareness and intention. 

Often an old way no longer serves our greater good, or we have an arduous time letting go of certain aspects of our lives. At other times we may want to invite in a new aspect. It is my hope that these little gifts are able to assist you to draw peace or joy more closely to you, to walk a more authentic path or to transition into new ways of being with more intention and grace. 

My perspective on life is that all things, (both positive and negative) are gifts in some form or another and they serve to enlighten us further depending upon our free will and choice. Each life-form is a unique and true blessing to be treated with honour and gratitude. 

I hope you enjoy looking around!

With much kindness and gratitude,