About Me

Ever since I was small I loved to make things with my own two hands, partnered by my endless imagination. I always felt deeply connected to something greater and filled with a great sense of peace whenever I was creating. I also care deeply about people and animals and often my school reports would come home with comments such as ‘Annika is constantly thinking about others’…. I still care just as much!

Dolls have forever played an important role in my creative life and I can remember wanting to become a ‘collector’ when I was still in single digits; saving my pocket money to buy those weighty, expensive doll magazines. Growing up, I often visited the old lady across the road who stole the neighbourhood mail and fed my brother and I dog biscuits (yes they were delicious), just to get her to bring out her antique doll collection from on top of the dusty cupboard. I can recall making my first marionette at age 10 with no instructions and some random household odds and sods, not realising I had achieved anything extraordinary until I took it to school with me. There was always something particularly powerful about dolls, they have this unique tendency to embody human characteristics. They instigate reflection and contemplation of self – they are representation, offering and effigy, with many cultures having utilised them in healing work, ritual and religion. I am still just as enchanted.

I did go on to study visual arts and completed my Masters by research, went on to teach at university and exhibit as a contemporary artist, establishing a gallery with friends and writing for several magazines regularly. As well as this I studied transpersonal art therapy and worked part time in mental health for many years. I have also worked with children for most of my life and continue to do so – it is a great passion.

After many years of making and doing, doing and making I eventually came to the realisation that my creations had always held a special quality, they were composed of signs and symbols and I had the ability to interpret their particular stories…. and so I began to listen!

I came to learn that there exists a great pool of creative wealth out there in the ether and those of us who draw from that pool are interpreters, or channels, of special messages. We each express these ‘creative codes’ in our own unique way and the resolutions are able to be utilised as guidance for ourselves and others.

So began my journey with Gifted Heart!

It is my absolute pleasure to bring forth these little guides! With these, it is my hope and my intention to generate more joy, grace and authenticity in the world.

With much kindness and incredible gratitude,

p.s. Special thanks goes out to my mum Sarah, my brother David, my sis-in-law Kim, Melichookita, Amanda, my Guides and of course my best friend up there, Paris. I am eternally grateful for all of your amazing support, inspiration, feedback, endurance and love along the way.