Life is but a dream…


Heart & Soul Companion Spirit Dolls are especially for celebrating partnership and for drawing your soul companion to you. This little duo is all about love!


If you and your soul mate are already on your adventure together then this makes an excellent gift to celebrate your partnership, Valentine's Day, wedding or anniversary. It's also a lovely way to share enthusiasm for a friend's beautiful partnership too!


If this is a gift to yourself, then it can be seen as a little spiritual invitation for your soul partner to join your physical path here and now, a small note to say you are ready and a beautiful preparation prior to meeting.


Heart & Soul Companion Spirit Canoes are custom made and each one is completely unique. These are needle felted by hand with 100% wool and much love and care, whilst being imbued or charged with the special intention of soul partnership and divine love.


These are made to order in any colour shown on my sample boards with corresponding numbers in the images above. Just pick your favourite number combination from the drop down menu at checkout!


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


All Gifted Heart Spirit Dolls come beautifully wrapped and boxed with an information/guidance card.


Please note: colours can display differently depending on your device. Gifted Heart packs also have some beautifully unique elements; therefore each one may differ slightly from the product images shown.

Soul Companion Spirit Dolls