Priestess Spirit Dolls are especially for divining your inner priestess!


The Priestess Spirit Dolls can be seen as a little spiritual invitation for the sacred, divine feminine leader within to rise up and permeate your conscious being. Priestesses were commonplace in ancient times when the masculine and feminine were in balance creating physical and spiritual unity. It is important for the spiritual leaders to journey forth once again to create equilibrium.


Each Priestess Spirit Doll has a cloak infused with beeswax and lemon balm essential oil (Melissa Officinalis, a plant traditionally associated with bees and named using the ancient word for bee and priestess) as both tribute and invocation.


Priestesses and Goddesses in many cultures were symbolically associated with the bee, which can be seen as a metaphor for perfect harmony, efficiency and interconnectedness and often the portal between worlds. A bee is part of a whole and works for the greater good of the community and queen, ensuring continuation of life. This is pure service and worship. Honey is healing medicine, but one that the bees make themselves, digesting and transforming the ordinary into nurturing nectar. May this little helper bring out your inner priestess!


Priestess Spirit Dolls are custom made and each one is completely unique. These are handmade with 100% cotton/beeswax cloak and much love and care, whilst being imbued or charged with the special intention of sacred, divine feminine leadership.


These are made to order in any colour shown on my sample boards with corresponding numbers in the images above. Just pick your favourite number combination from the drop down menu at checkout!


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


All Gifted Heart Spirit Dolls come beautifully wrapped and boxed with an information/guidance card.

Priestess Spirit Dolls